One of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco is Mr.Charlie’s. They are like a knockoff McDonald’s but serves entirely plant-based food. While it’s not recommended to eat there every day for a balanced diet, their food is delicious. I also love how they troll McDonald’s by using red and yellow in their design and offering menu items like Not a Hamburger’ and Not Chicken Nuggets’. The funniest part is that they opened their shop across the street from a McDonald’s in downtown San Francisco. However, the founder, Taylor McKinnon, doesn’t seem to know what McDonald’s is. lol

The founder, who was once homeless, says they want to bring approachable plant-based food, fun, and support to communities.” Mr. Charlie’s donates nearly all of its revenue after expenses to local charities. They also hire people who are losing opportunities in a broken system.

i’m lovin’ It!

December 26, 2023